Environmental Studies

As AECO involvement in projects starts from project inception and goes through the various stages until handing-over, the necessity to concentrate on the Environmental Impact is a natural expansion.

The International Funding Agencies place substantial emphasis on this aspect especially where wildlife and population are affected. In view of the above the firm carried out several studies in this field to determine the Environmental Impact that project development may have on the environment in all aspects.

Such projects include:

  • Dialakoto-Kedougou Road Project in Senegal
  • Sulaibikhat District Centre in Kuwait
  • Takieta Road Project in Niger
  • Trans Kalahari Road Project in Botswana
  • Chissano-Chibuto-Xai-Xai Road Project in Mozambique
  • Maputo-Namaacha Road Project in Mozambique
  • Several road projects in Zimbabwe
  • The Kombo Coastal roads and the TransGambia Highway
  • The Pa-Dano-Diebougou-Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Gantsi-Sehitwa/Toteng Road
  • Selected Rural Roads Project in Malawi
  • Tungsten project in Bhutan.
  • Massawa – Assab Project in Eritrea